Cindy Holsing

I see Tricia Christo for private readings. I also have done phone readings with her. She has always been right on! I've most recently had Tricia over to my home for a psychic party. My friends and I were amazed and excited with our readings. It was great!

Anita Kudla

Tricia Christo is a truly gifted psychic medium. As amazing as any reading is with her, I am astonished that not everyone has heard of her ... yet loved ones come through her and validate who they are with the most incredible snippets of information that no one else would know except the one blessed with the reading. Tricia Christo is absolutely the one you want to see.

Madison Garver

Tricia is fabulous! I've done many private readings with her and I'm always astonished at what she can see. She's always absolutely spot on. I'm so thankful for her!

Laura Johnson

Tricia is a gifted psychic. I am a skeptical person by nature. That being said, I was blown away by Tricia's abilities in my first session. Each time I see Tricia I gain insight on past, present and future events in my life. I highly recommend Tricia.